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Exhibition News

New Sections in Outdoor Lifestyle Hangzhou 2017


The G20 has been held in Hangzhou in 2016, which enlarged the name of Hangzhou. As traditional city of China, Hangzhou has been famous for the leisure lifestyle and traveling. For Outdoor Lifestyle Hangzhou 2017, we expended destination hotel area and caravan area.


Destination hotel Show Area


Destination hotel, including rattan furniture, sunshade, lounge chair and leisure entertainment facilities, is a fashionable trend of traveling. Owing to the increasing buying demand, the exclusive area is going to be established at square by cooperate with famous designers to show the magic of destination hotel, including living area, leisure area and dining area. Thousands of buyers has show their interest to this activity.


Self-driving and Rv Camp Area


According to report for RV industry, self-driving and Rv camp area will increase to 2000 in year of 2020 in China, which stimulate buyers to find related products. In Outdoor Hangzhou Lifestyle 2017, related industry factories has been invited to attend the show, including wooden house sunshade products, BBQ grills, car refrigerator, camping products and garden decoration. There are nearly 20 factories producing wooden house and thousand of company in leisure products industry shows their interest to Outdoor Hangzhou Lifestyle 2017. During the show, self-driving and Rv camp area will be established by cooperate with tourist administration and tourism association to show a one-stop shopping area.