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Industry Forum at Outdoor Lifestyle Hangzhou 2016

Integrating New Idea and Leading New Value --- Market Forum

Many domestic enterprises confront such tough situation: it’s easy to go through quality Inspection for domestic trade products, while the same products are exported to overseas, they will get barriers from the counterpart quality inspection department. Apart from a bit regional protectionism existing in related department of some countries and regions, I think the key reason is that long distance existing in Chinese and European and American inspection criterion. So keeping on strengthening self-ability, and meanwhile we have to deeply learn international quality inspection and then apply the theory to practice, winning the market will be around the corner. We’ve invited senior SGS chemical engineer, Mr. JIANG Haiwei to make a speech about international commonly used inspection standards, which is highly praised by the audience.

Ms. ZHANG Jianping, the general manager of Hangzhou Kecai Gardening Co.,Ltd. Made a speech about garden decoration, she drew the line of the garden in our dream. Domestic famous landscape designer ZHANG Xiangming, made a speech outdoor furniture design and fashion trend introduction Daymon Worldwide

Outdoor Elements

Meanwhile, Mr. CHEN Hongyi, the vice president of Daymon Worldwide made a speech DESIGN CONNECT, expanded the way of visitors’ thinking and made it clear by referencing to different cases.

XU Jiawang, the designer of Hangzhou Yuanjun made a speech Industry Design Ways and Trends, his special design way made the visitors find it fresh and new, and also knew why Yuanjun Design was widely known in design industry.

The last activity was “Outdoor Travelers Meeting”, the outdoor travel-lovers shared the general knowledge like travel security, outdoor equipment procurement, Encyclopedic Knowledge and how to use outdoor equipment. Mr. ZHANG Minjun illustrated the usage of water-proof jacket, Mr. HUANG Xinyuan shared his experience about traveling with a heavy load.